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For the last 30 years I have worked as a consultant, sold consulting services, and managed consulting practices. An expert in Content Management and Enterprise Resource Planning technology solutions, I specialize in defining technology based business strategies that improve how people work while creating organizational value.

My industry experience includes Life Sciences, Engineering & Construction, Accounting, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy, and Government. My functional background is in technology consulting, management consulting, consulting practice management, and service selling.

Prior to starting my career in consulting, I was a professional dancer and performed in both the US and Europe. My dance skills have provided me with a unique set of capabilities which have been instrumental to my consulting success.  Take a look at my blog and here are some summarized examples:

Dancer Consultant
Dancers have a “skin sense”, an awareness of their environment, fellow movers, and their audience. Consultants must be able quickly grasp the spoken and unspoken needs of the various cohorts they are trying to help.
Because dancers know their own bodies so well, they are better able to judge the space between themselves, people, and objects as they move. Understanding how people and objects flow through systems is essential to a consultant’s understanding of process.
Adaptability is a dancer’s trademark. Flexibility is essential to the dancer. The dancer must constantly adapt to new, endless, movement possibilities. The consultant must be prepared to absorb and understand a constant stream of new ideas, concepts, and viewpoints.
Dancers are quick studies. With a never-ending stream of new choreography to learn and assimilate, dancers must be agile and nimble in observing, mimicking, practicing, and reproducing movement. With each new client comes the possibility of a new industry, business model, technology, method, or procedure which must be quickly understood.
Envisioning is integral to dancers. Dancers must understand the big picture in order to make sense of the individual parts; then they are able to focus on what happens in between the steps. To create a vision of what is possible is the essence of consulting. This must happen if transformation is to take place.
Dancers are entrepreneurs. Dancers work on technique, find the best teachers, show themselves to advantage, and constantly look for movement innovation. To excel in consulting, one must effectively self-manage, continually learn and develop, and build a client’s confidence in one’s ability by knowing how to honestly sell oneself.
Dancers are part of the team. Individual excellence is insufficient. It is the excellence of the troupe that completes the performance. As we all know, teamwork is at the heart of almost all business endeavors.