onECM is the culmination of my 30 years of change management, process improvement, and technology implementation experience.  I formed onECM because of my love for Content Management and my desire to help individuals and organizations be more successful putting into place good Content Management practices.  What I have observed and experienced is that greater engagement leads to success and any organization can be successful putting into place good Content Management practices through engagement and a focus on finding better ways of working.

Content Management is first and foremost about working in a manner where capturing and sharing knowledge and information is a seamless part of each person’s work-life.  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) becomes possible when individuals across an organization recognize the need and desirability of sharing knowledge and information and are willing to make this a part of their daily activities.

Finding the right practices within an organization requires an approach that aligns organizational imperatives with individual needs.  onECM focuses on the strategies and methods that foster the organizational changes and individual changes that make this happen.

A successful ECM technology implementation requires an Organizational Development focus, alignment of technology use with business strategy, and an implementation approach that uses Agile-style techniques to embed sufficient, early, user participation and feedback.  When the onECM methodology is followed, ECM projects are more rapid and lower cost to complete with 100% user acceptance for the work performed.