An ECM implementation project is about using technology to make work better.  My consulting practice focuses on making the implementation process most reliable and consistent.  Practice, the repeated performance of an activity, is how I've developed proficiency.  Just like a dancer rehearsing, I continually repeat and try again to hone my consulting skills

But, the word "practice" also refers to the application of method to an activity.  Just as a dancer constantly works to develop technique, my focus throughout my consulting career has been to continually evolve methods to gain better results.  And, through this work, I've developed a simple precept.

Effective implementations of ECM technologies embed experience into a disciplined project approach.  These implementations are better because those who will use the technology are afforded frequent opportunities to see and try it.  Incorporating their feedback makes their technology use better.  Feedback given not once or twice but all through the project.

onECM uses methods which embeds an experiential process into the project lifecycle.  The result are projects which are always successful.