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Choreographing Consulting

Early in my consulting career, I found myself crafting new methods and building methodologies.  This has continued over the years as I’ve moved from one consultancy to another, between technologies and various types of projects.  Throughout, I’ve found myself diving deep into method; never being satisfied with what was there, always looking for a better way to describe the tasks, milestones, and deliverables that made up my approach to a project or a type of work.

With practice my ability to craft methodology has gotten better.  Describing a method has become a familiar process.  I’ve built a library of past work which I’ll

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Knowledge Transfer - Its a pull not a push

I’m often asked about knowledge transfer.  Customers will ask me to guarantee that it will take place when consultants are working with their staff.  I’ll receive Request for Proposals wherein I’m asked to explain how we will do knowledge transfer.  I’ve even had customers insist that we contractually promise to provide knowledge transfer.  I can tell consultants to teach classes.  I can write documentation.  I can spend hours explaining things. But, how can I guarantee that someone else will learn?

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The Dance of Discussion

The meaning of movement is contextual to who we move with or who we move for.  Movement meaning is created as we are watched or responded to with other movement.  Action and reaction become the crucible for creating meaning between two people.  With shared meaning comes truth, common belief, and, ultimately, the creation of knowledge.  This happens as we move together but is also true in the ebb and flow of discussion.

In discussion meaning is created not just in the words that are interchanged but within the context that the words are placed.  The manner of expression, the syntax used, the tempo and pattern of expression and response.  All of this carries inferences of meaning that are read and understood.  These exchanges are locked into us, a product of many interchanges and many relationships. It is the syntax of verbal expression that communicates so much about our feelings, impressions, and vision.