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Choreographing Consulting

Early in my consulting career, I found myself crafting new methods and building methodologies.  This has continued over the years as I’ve moved from one consultancy to another, between technologies and various types of projects.  Throughout, I’ve found myself diving deep into method; never being satisfied with what was there, always looking for a better way to describe the tasks, milestones, and deliverables that made up my approach to a project or a type of work.

With practice my ability to craft methodology has gotten better.  Describing a method has become a familiar process.  I’ve built a library of past work which I’ll

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Is Best Practice the Whole Question?

At the end of my last posting, I asked a question about what constituted a new best practice for the implementation of ECM.  There is a question that must be answered with regard to how we implement ECM today but there is also another, broader, question about the very need for method within the context of ECM application implementation.

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Toward a New Definition of Best Practice

The best formed implementation method and practice cannot take into account the shifting of user perspective, post deployment. Where we thought there existed clarity of understanding of the system, how it could be used, the usage choices that were made, and how a refined business process would function in the newly introduced system, what we find is that as people “live”, using it on a day to day basis to do their job, their perspective of the system and what they expect from it, changes.

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Accelerating Solution Time-to-Value

Acceleration must be a primary focus of any ECM implementation. Understanding the components of a Solution that lead to acceleration help Solution Providers make more attractive value statements about their offerings.

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